About us


About us

We are a team of nerds who founded hutmate.com with a clear purpose to help students, professionals, property owners, brokers or anyone to find home (Rental Properties), tenants and roommates based on each individuals choice, preference, budget without much hassle!.

hutmate.com helps property owner, property broker, property seeker (Tenant) and roommate finder come on a single common platform to search their choice of property, tenant and roommates based on various factors such as interest, lifestyle, food habits and facilities.

We believe roommates build amazing relation with each other who acts as a guardian, friends, brothers, sisters, best friends etc. So its always essential with whom we live when it comes to living in whole new city.

YOU Inspire us

What made us to think developing Hutmate.com

Many of our own friends, colleagues and relatives like you has faced a lot of trouble when they move to another city for further education or for their dream Job. . When it comes to moving to different city from your hometown, the first question that comes in our mind is where would we live there, with whom we would be sharing our room, apartment etc. So we bring Hutmate.com where you can find home and roommates without any broker or brokerage involved.

You can find rooms (Shared / Private), PG Accomodation, Full Property (Flat / House) etc without much stress and free!

We have experienced many difficulties in finding people like you and me as a roommate or property of our choice and budget. So why not use a technology to find our kinda room and roommate!

hutmate.com was found in 2014 with a big picture of making it a first social network site for real estate, where people can not only find other like minded people but we believe that each home is made of infinite memories which are simply priceless and those memories are made