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Well now that you have reached our blog space, let me tell you why I have written this post. The primary reason is ‘You’, and the intent is to ease up all that unnecessary pressure which you have to undertake while moving from one city to another. And here I am not just talking about moving to any city, it is particularly flat on rent in Ahmedabad / Vadodara / Surat, which trust me can often be a very challenging task in hand. You must have a new job or you are planning to study in either of these cities or may be just a city change? I mean who wouldn’t love that, isn’t it? The reason can be anything but we all must know that changing to a new location is extremely daunting and often as tiring as hell.

Let us all face it, the first 30 days will be responsible for your major weight loss, so “saare fitness freaks ke liye no gym for one month”. After all it is not just one thing that you will have to look into, it will be a huge list of things and striking out even one of them will be a challenge. When I was looking for a home here in Ahmedabad, trust me, until you have some idea about locations in here, you will be lost for at least a week. Think of moving as a reset button for your life. But as we know and say that with proper planning and perseverance, the first month can easily be made memorable. It is not that bad after all.

So let’s think where can we exactly begin from, may be some basic planning. Sit with a paper and pen and list down the first three things right there. One, finding the place to live in, second, arranging your finances, which simply means laying down your budget and lastly, finding some good, loyal and happy friends so you don’t feel left out while you are away from your families and native places.

Now once you know about which city are you going to be moving into next, you need to really look into the city whether it is Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Well at least that is what I exactly did. A primary research done means that you are through with knowing about the city for some maybe 20%. . Look up the local traditions or hot spots and get a feel for what it’s like to live there. Find out vital information about your new town—the crime rate, the unemployment rate, the location of schools and food markets. Make best use of the internet to know where you will be exactly stepping in. This also boosts your confidence to quite some level before you are going to be moving to the new city.

Next on your list should be to think what kind of apartment you are looking for. Will it be an independent apartment, a PG Accommodation, a room facility, an apartment close to transportation facilities, and lease for a limited period of time or are you looking for a good roommate in Ahmedabad / Vadodara / Surat? Questions are many but your answers will be limited. Start looking for these answers, one bit at a time. As lengthy as this process may be, it will actually reduce the burden of your unnecessary hassles when you already reach the destination.

Here are a few tips so you are not misguided by the unnecessary forgery of the brokerage fee:

  1. Brokerage fee is usually half of the monthly rent or can be the complete one month rent about altogether. Let’s take an example; if the rent of an apartment is Rs. 15000, the brokerage fee would be anything between Rs. 7500-15000, which is between half of your monthly rent or one full month rent.  In many cases brokers charge brokerage from both parties i.e. Tenant as well as Landlord.

  2. Make sure you have a proper rent agreement under guidance of an expert. It diminishes the chances of any kind of loop holes keeping you and your stay happy and safe.  If you are planning to move in to Ahmedabad, make sure to get your Police Verification done to prevent your renting any suitable home, as many Landlord rely on police verification as well, while giving their property on rent to any new tenant.

Well those were some tips from us, however house hunting and finding a right roommate could be a time consuming task, as well as the rents of an apartment in certain location of Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara is touching sky.  To ease the process of finding home and roommate for yourself, you can simply login to hutmate.com, where both headache of yours can be relieved!   Many of our friends really found hutmate.com pretty useful in finding a place to which you can call a home and roommate to whom you can consider yours!

We would love to hear from you what you think and what are the major roadblocks you think could be while switching yourself to another city.  Nothing to share with us then share this blog with your friends and family, who knows this could be a helpful stuff for them.