8th Apr, 2015   By Admin | twitter : @hutmatecom In : News And Announcement

Hesitant to initiate conversation at hutmate.com? (Introducing New Message Template)

Alright the easiest way to get started with anything, normally happens with starting a conversation but most of us just wonder how do we start conversation with someone to whom we probably don’t know very well.  However the fact remain same, to get something, you need to start from somewhere.  So if you are finding an accommodation and probably you are in urgent need to shift yourself to a new place then you would have to ask or initiate conversation with Property Owners, Brokers or Tenants finding roommates about the accommodation they have to offer.  So how do you start the conversation is one of the important question.  Well here is the answer to your question.

Introducing New Message Template in hutmate.com.  Yes now you can use ready-made message template in sending message to anyone on hutmate.com.  We have been working on this feature since past few weeks and finally our engineers has developed the feature through which you can send internal message to any Property Owner, Broker and Tenant (Looking For Roommate) for free and faster!  

We are also working on creating a feature through which you would be able to create and save your own message template, So if you are a Property Owner, Broker or Tenant searching Tenant and Roommate then can save time on sending the same message again and again to your favourite users!

Let us know how do you feel about this new feature and what do you suggest in future feature enhancement!.

Team - hutmate.com