1st Dec, 2015   By Admin | twitter : @hutmatecom In : News And Announcement

Internet is big, you know how much big it is? There are 4.4 Billion Websites & around 3 Billion People Uses Internet all over the world.  So If internet would have been a country then it would have been the Largest Country in the world with a whooping population of 3 Billion.  In real life to protect ourselves from any stranger, our Parents normally advise us not to talk with any stranger But what about Internet?  Now-a-days everyone on internet have their Social Profile though social media sites try their best to keep everyone secured but its little hard to do so and hence its nothing new if you are being attacked from some strangers on internet!

However Personal Privacy and Security is everyone’s bragging right and at hutmate.com we understand it best.  We have recently upgraded our system and we are introducing Privacy Enhancement to hutmate.com.  You can now hide your First and Last Name on hutmate.com to prevent strangers contacting you and inquiring about your Property or Property Requirement.  You can now keep yourself secured on hutmate.com and still find your choice of Properties, Tenant & Roommates. 


User privacy is one our unique approach towards User Security.  Real Estate Industry has been little un-organized and when you are finding flats and flatmates you may have to deal with various known and unknown people.  We have been listening to our users since long time, we noticed user privacy is one of the important factor.  Hence our development team developed this feature.  It took around 1 month to get this feature developed and tested but now it’s released for all user!


Here is how you can set your name to appear as private user to prevent other users to know who you are.  Simply sign up with hutmate.com and go to your Profile Page, you will find the Privacy Setting right down to your First and Last Name.


So Enjoying searching Flats and Flatmates at hutmate.com without worrying about your privacy.