Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ? is a single common platform for finding rental properties, PG Accommodation, Roommates, tenants, shared and private rooms etc.

Q. Is acts as Broker ?

No, is simple platform for finding direct property and property owner and roommates based on various compatibility factors.

Q. Is free ? is a free platform with limited features, however if you are looking for full features of this platform then kindly sign-up for any paid plans to unlock all potential feature of this website.

Q. What are the pricing of paid plans for Room Seekers ?

For pricing of different plans, please visit our Premium plan section to find details on pricing

Q. What features are included for Premium Users ?

We have different plan and pricing for you based on our various consideration. However once sign up as paid user, you will get full access that you can contact them directly.

Q. We have some suggestion for to whom do we need to contact at your team ?

We really love to hear from our user and what they feel about, we welcome all suggestion from our user to make platform a better place to find property and roommates. Please contact us at

Q. Can we select multiple locations to find property ?

Yes of course, if you are looking for property or house in more than 1 area / locality then you can select and more than one area / locality

Q. Is there any customer support of ?

Yes we have dedicated team in Customer Support however we do not have any incoming phone number on which our user can contact us. To contact our customer support, please email us at

Q. We have some great marketing idea for to whom can we contact at ?

Wow, your any ideas are always welcome, please contact us at